A Network of Doctors You Can Trust

When it’s time to talk about your vagina, it’s a lot more comforting to talk to someone who also has a vagina. It’s not that male doctors are under qualified; it just feels better to talk to someone who can relate to your struggles and might even have personal experience with the issues your vagina is exhibiting. That’s why Orchyd teamed up with Your Doctors Online to provide an all-female network of certified doctors for our OB/GYN Now™ service, available for free with the Orchyd app!

OB/GYN Now™ gives you 24/7 access to a dedicated network of OB/GYNs or certified health specialists, so you can cut down on wait times, never deal with doctor unavailability, and get help with headaches, pain, yeast infection, UTIs...and so much more! All with no insurance needed. All consultations through our network are lower than the national copay, and users are directly connected to the healthcare they need, when they need it.

When you use OB/GYN Now™, you know that you’re only talking to the best doctors in the network. Every doctor on the service has to have a customer satisfaction rating of 85% or higher. If it falls below 85%, the doctor will be placed on probation, and Your Doctors Online will personally reach out to the patient to see what went wrong. In most cases, the satisfaction rate has dropped because prescription services are currently unavailable, but this feature is coming soon to the Orchyd app! Our goal is to get every doctor to an average satisfaction rate of 90%.

We know that it can be hard to trust a doctor. That’s why there is a follow-up after each consultation that is important for you to fill out, so we can confirm that the doctors in our network are performing at their best, and so that we can give the next patient peace of mind.

Don’t waste another minute in a waiting room. Try OB/GYN Now™ to get connected to the healthcare provider best suited for your needs, and be in and out with the swipe of a finger!