Bringing Affordable OB/GYN Care to You

We don’t tend to think about the accessibility of OB/GYN services, but the truth of the matter is that not everyone has local access to helpful or trustworthy menstrual and fertility care. Especially in communities far away from cities or are considered low-income, menstruators may find themselves lacking close by or a variety of OB/GYN care. The problem with reduced or inaccessible menstrual and fertility care is that it leaves people with limited options.

Orchyd seeks to bridge the gap for menstruators who don’t have accessible OB/GYN care options. With OB/GYN Now™, you can have qualified menstrual care in the palm of your hand, so you don’t have to struggle with far away appointments or doctors you don’t trust. With menstrual care on your phone, you can have your questions answered by professionals right when you need it.

OB/GYN Now™ comes with 24/7 in-app access to the dedicated professionals at Your Doctors Online so you can feel safe and comfortable talking to a real doctor whenever you need it. Whether you’re having headaches, PMS pain, yeast infections, UTIs, or have fertility questions; you can talk to one of the professionals in this all-female network to get the answers you need.

You don’t need insurance, and you don’t have to wait for ages to get an appointment. A consultation through OB/GYN Now™ is accessible and affordable and costs lower than the national co-pay.

No more panicking that you can’t get the help you need due to lack of availability, OB/GYN Now™ is the answer to hundreds of individuals who lack access to proper menstrual care. Having the guarantee that OB/GYN Now™ provides is invaluable.

Stay tuned for new features, including prescription filling, video appointments, and insurance coverage options. Everyone deserves affordable care, and Orchyd is striving to bring that to your fingertips.