How to Actually Avoid Tampon Leaks

Tampons have become invaluable for those of us who want to wear a thong or white pants peacefully while on our periods. I mean, who wants to have to wear a liner with their thong? The discomfort can be tremendous. Tampons eradicate the need for bulky pads or frustrating liners, but that doesn’t mean they’re infallible.

Leakage isn’t something that just happens to new menstruators or those who don’t typically use tampons. Even after over a decade of menstruating, I can tell you I’ve leaked more in recent years than when I first started my period. You think you’ll be able to stay on top of changing your tampon, but a busy schedule (or just forgetfulness) can lead to annoying leaks.

I’ve tried everything under the sun to remind myself to change my tampon frequently, and I still end up losing track of time and leaking through my favorite jeans. Setting alarms, making memos, and even sending myself texts to change my tampon haven’t worked. That’s why the SafeFlow™ feature in the Orchyd app has become such a lifesaver. Or, well, a jeans saver. 

The SafeFlow™ feature offers customizable alerts, so you’re reminded to remove or change your period products. The built-in period product timer ensures you never miss your window to change your products, eliminating underwear and jeans casualties. It isn’t just compatible with tampons, either. You can set a timer for pads, cups, liners, and even period underwear. All you have to do is customize your timer based on what product you’re using. SafeFlow™ even offers a best practice time frame for you to jump off of.

The SafeFlow™ features gives me the peace of mind that I can go about my day without ruining my clothes with an unexpected leak. It also reduces the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome and other uncomfortable issues (Bacterial Vaginosis, Urinary Tract Infection, etc.). SafeFlow™ helps me stay safe, clean, comfortable… and it saves me from having to spend my evenings with my undies in the sink.