Keeping Your Favorite Products With You

Everyone has their favorite period product for one reason or another. Some people are fans of the tampon or cup game to cut down on leakage, whereas others might prefer pads or period underwear for comfort. Whatever your favorite products are, it can be a little difficult or even embarrassing to have to tote around replacement products whenever you need a change.

And carrying around those replacement products can be bulky or even downright unsanitary. Everyone’s had that experience; you start your period, and all you have is that gross, old tampon that’s been sitting at the bottom of your bag for months. The wrapper’s gone all soft, and it’s half-crushed; in some cases, the packaging has opened and may be contaminated. Gross!

With the Orchyd Period Smart Case, you’ll never have to worry about that gross old tampon being your saving grace again. The rigid internal pouch of the Orchyd Case holds up to a day’s worth of your favorite products, which is about three tampons and three pads. On average, you should be changing your tampon about three times a day anyway, so you’re not putting yourself at risk for TSS. 

The internal pouch of the Orchyd Case is also conveniently hyperhygienic, cause come on...we all know what’s at the bottom of our bags, and it isn’t pretty. You’ll never have to use a dirty product as a last resort again, not to mention the accordion-style pouch is specially designed to hold more products, so you’re not left in the lurch. The Orchyd Case was designed with dignity and comfort at the forefront. 

No one should be left without what they need when their period rolls around unexpectedly. Keeping your products in your bag, wallet, or even your pocket is inconvenient and potentially unsanitary. So take on your period with pride, comfort, and respect for yourself. The Orchyd Period Smart Case will only help you with that.