Q&A with Orchyd

Thank you again to everyone who attended the Orchyd Launch Party. We were blown away by the enthusiasm for Orchyd and what we are doing here. Below are answers to some of the questions we didn’t get to in the Q&A portion!

I just want to say I LOVE this! Can’t wait to get my Orchyd. How, where, when can I buy, how much??

Good Q’s! How & Where: Online at Orchyd.com When: Now (or whenever you like)! How much: The Orchyd Essentials costs $79 and includes the period tracking app (with lifetime access), OB/GYN Now™ (first two sessions included), and the Orchyd Smart Wallet (with the Bluetooth-enabled Orchyd Petal).

Hate to be a skeptic here, but so many apps hit you with added purchases once you download. What are the hidden costs??

Agreed! At Orchyd, we pride ourselves on our transparency. The Orchyd App has no hidden costs or annual fees. With the Orchyd App, you get unlimited lifetime access, and it is entirely ad-free, HIPAA compliant, and never sells your data!

Why have you put a Bluetooth tracker inside of the wallet? I already have a bag to put my tampons in. What’s the point?

For the Co-Founders, it was a no-brainer. Many of us have personal menstrual product bags, and many of us forget that bag at home or lose it altogether. By dropping the Bluetooth-enabled Petal into the Orchyd Wallet, that issue is solved. For us, the Orchyd Wallet means we no longer have to run to the corner store to purchase new products or purchase anything we hadn’t tried before and vetted. You always have what you need with Orchyd.

How does the OB/GYN network work? Do I have to wait a long time to get connected?

OB/GYN Now™ is integrated within the Orchyd App. You simply tap a button, and it swishes you off to connect with a real certified health specialist anytime you want. The wait time depends but is often less than three minutes.

Users receive two free OB/GYN Now™ sessions and are welcome to add more by purchasing packs of 1, 3, or 5 sessions to ensure they always have the help they need. 

A lot of people talk about inclusivity. What makes you guys inclusive?

We love talking about and educating ourselves on inclusivity here! We recognize that not everyone who menstruates is a woman, and not every woman menstruates. The Orchyd App respects the identity and sexuality of the user and makes no assumptions about who they are. Here are a couple more blogs highlighting our values on menstrual equity:

I’m so bad at keeping up with my cycle, and I can see forgetting to do this. If you forget to track information, can you go back in and add it later?

Of course! One thing to keep in mind, the Orchyd App will send you a gentle notification to remind you to track your cycle. So, even if you forget or swipe out of the reminder, you can always go back and log experiences.

How does your app combat traditional period stigma? Is it inclusive for everyone who menstruates and not just women?

The Orchyd App combats period stigma by approaching it head-on! We are not afraid to call it what it is. We replaced the overuse of pink and flowery imagery, emojis, euphemisms, and patronizing tone often found in other period tracking apps. The Orchyd App talks to you like a real person.

Yes, the app is inclusive to all menstruators. The app sees you as an individual and not a stereotype! So, whatever you need Orchyd for, it is there for you.

What is the orchyd wallet made of?

The Orchyd Smart Wallet is made of 93% water-based polyethylene and has a zinc alloy zipper. So it is strong and fashionable! It looks and feels like leather but actually biodegrades within two years in a landfill. Real leather biodegrades within 400 years in a landfill!

Not a question, but this is all soo amazing! Thank you for creating this brand! OB/GYN accessibility is scarce! The poem was moving, and Dr. Kate, you are insanely cool.

Thank you! <3

What are your thoughts on “clean” period products (chlorine-free tampons, etc.)? Does it make a difference?

At Orchyd, we champion sustainability which includes clean and transparent ingredients, but at the end of the day, it is about what makes you feel the most comfortable in your menstruating body. Check out these three blogs for more information:

I just wanted to say thank you for featuring Gaby’s poem - it was INCREDIBLY moving and truly made me feel connected to my period in a brand new way. So amazing to see a company working with artists!!

Thank you! We love connecting with artists who are doing such impactful work like Gaby! Follow her work on Instagram and on her website.