The Benefits of Food-Based Vitamins

In a world where health and wellness are paramount, the spotlight increasingly turns toward food-based vitamins. These nutritional powerhouses are gaining popularity for their potential to provide essential nutrients in a form that aligns harmoniously with our bodies.

Understanding Food-Based Vitamins

Food-based vitamins are a category of nutritional supplements that draw their potency from natural sources—whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Unlike synthetic counterparts, these vitamins retain the complex structure found in nature.

Derived from real foods, food-based vitamins are obtained from sources like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and herbs. The nutrients are not isolated or artificially created; instead, they are extracted from these whole foods while preserving their inherent synergy.

The advantages of harnessing nutrients from real food sources are abundant! Firstly, these vitamins arrive in the body's systems as nature intended, often accompanied by a spectrum of complementary compounds that enhance absorption and utilization. This nutrient symphony within food contributes to what's known as nutrient synergy, where multiple components work in harmony to amplify health benefits.

In addition, the body tends to recognize and process nutrients from real food more effectively. Food-based vitamins can be gentler on the stomach and digestive system, reducing discomfort compared to synthetic vitamins. Moreover, the holistic nutrient profiles found in these vitamins can provide a more well-rounded approach to wellness.

Top 4 Benefits of Food-Based Vitamins

  1. Enhanced Nutrient Bioavailability

Derived from whole foods, these vitamins retain their natural form, increasing their absorption and utilization by the body. This inherent compatibility with our physiology allows us to reap the full benefits of these nutrients, ensuring that our nutritional efforts are not in vain.

  1. Comprehensive Nutrient Profiles

These vitamins are sourced from nature's pantry, giving us a blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients. This symphony of elements supports overall health, mirroring the intricate balance found in natural foods.

  1. Nutrient Synergy

We tap into nutrient synergy when we obtain nutrients from real food sources. These vitamins come bundled with a cohort of co-factors – enzymes, antioxidants, fibers – that facilitate their absorption and utilization. This symphony of nutrients ensures that our bodies receive the full spectrum of benefits these vitamins offer.

  1. Gentle on the Body

Unlike synthetic alternatives that can sometimes trigger digestive discomfort, food-based vitamins are often gentle on the body. Their natural form and co-factors reduce the risk of irritation, making them more suitable for individuals with sensitive stomachs. This gentleness ensures a smoother and more consistent nutrient intake.

How Food-Based Vitamins Impact Your Cycle

Food-based vitamins have a greater and more holistic impact on various PMS symptoms. Below are some of the symptoms you can track on the Orchyd app that food-based vitamins can help alleviate.

Moods: Mood Swings

Food-based vitamins containing B-complex vitamins, particularly B6, can contribute to stabilizing mood by supporting neurotransmitter production and balance.

Symptoms: Fatigue

Nutrient-dense vitamins, including iron and magnesium, found in food-based supplements can combat fatigue and bolster energy levels during PMS.

Moods: Irritated and Stressed

Vitamins with adaptogenic properties, such as vitamin C, may help mitigate stress and irritability, promoting emotional equilibrium.

Symptoms: Bloating

Certain vitamins like vitamin B6 and magnesium can assist in reducing water retention and bloating often experienced before menstruation.

Symptoms: Cramps and Back Pain

Magnesium-rich food-based vitamins can potentially ease muscle cramps and tension, providing relief from menstrual discomfort.

Symptoms: Acne

Antioxidant vitamins like vitamins A, C, and E, found in food-based supplements, may aid in reducing skin breakouts associated with hormonal changes.

Symptoms: Insomnia

Vitamins with calming properties, such as magnesium and certain B vitamins, might promote better sleep quality and ease insomnia related to PMS.

Symptoms: Cravings

Nutrient-rich vitamins can help regulate blood sugar levels, potentially curbing intense food cravings often linked to hormonal fluctuations.

Introducing Funk It

Funk It is a woman-owned menstrual health company founded by Kate, a dedicated registered dietitian with a master's degree in Human Clinical Nutrition, specializing in hormone health.

After stopping birth control, Kate experienced a horrific period: hormonal acne, thinning hair, intense cramps, and mood swings like never before. Determined to understand her cycle better, she put her dietitian degree to use and explored food-based approaches to menstrual health. That's where Funk It comes in!

Kate established Funk It as an honest, nutrition-backed space for individuals dealing with hormone imbalances and PMS. Years of product research have been devoted to developing their food-based vitamins, ensuring they effectively balance the hormones that impact your cycle.

Funk It's mission is to provide high-quality food-based vitamins designed explicitly for your hormones, allowing you to honor your cycle and embrace your body. All Funk It products are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, 100% organic, and made in the USA.

Funk It’s Food-Based Vitamins


The first ever 100% food-based vitamin for total menstrual cycle support. If you are looking to optimize and support your cycle all month long and ditch, your synthetic multivitamin CycleBites is your delicious solution.

CycleBites comprise 20+ real food ingredients that help fight inflammation, soothe cramps, ease mood swings, combat acne, and banish bloat. Funk It's science-backed and dietitian-approved formula with estrogen-supporting whole-food magnesium, reishi mushroom, B12, cacao, ginger, mineralized seaweed, and activated quinoa. No more hard-to-swallow pills or sugar-filled gummy vitamins; these once-a-day delicious vitamin bites have got you.

Seed Cycling Kit

Say goodbye to period cramps, hormonal acne, bloating, mood swings, and all those nasty PMS symptoms. Seed cycling is a 100% natural and plant-based approach to relieving painful periods.

Seed cycling is a functional practice that gives your body the micronutrients it needs to flow through the month. During the first half of your cycle, you eat pumpkin and flax seeds with Nurture; for the second half of your cycle, you eat sesame and sunflower with Radiate.

Funk It’s seeds are pre-ground and sealed to lock in all the important nutrients while increasing the absorption rate. Just scoop and add to your favorite foods!

by Courtney K

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