The Importance of Tracking Product Usage

When you’re going about your day, it’s easy to lose track of when you last changed your menstrual product. It may seem like such a silly and superfluous thing to have to remember, especially in the grand scheme of things, you may think, “as long as I don’t leak, tracking my product usage shouldn’t even matter, right?” but you are wrong.

When it comes to leaving products in for longer than you’re supposed to, leaking is the least of your worries. Vaginas are incredibly durable, but when exposed to circumstances that encourage bacteria growth, the vagina is at risk for all sorts of conditions. Yeast or urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis, and toxic shock syndrome are just a handful of the serious conditions you may experience which cause discomfort or long-term problems.

Tracking how many products you use in a day is also incredibly important. The lightness or heaviness of your flow can help you learn about your cycle and your body. If you’re using tampons, you will typically use between three and six a day. If you exceed six full tampons in a day, you should consult your doctor. OB/GYN Now™ can help you connect with a doctor if you’re concerned about the heaviness of your flow.  

On the topic of tracking, resident OB/GYN Dr. Kate Killoran shares that the SafeFlow™ feature in the Orchyd app is a great tool. Especially if you’re looking to begin or recently started birth control, tracking your flow is important. SafeFlow™ also alerts you when it is time to change your product out. With customizable alerts, a period product timer, and compatibility with your preferred product, SafeFlow™ is the smartest way to track your usage to stay healthy and comfortable. Without the worry of leakage or risk of illness, you can move through your period peacefully. Don’t add more stress to your period; allow Orchyd’s SafeFlow™ to take tracking off your plate.