The Orchyd Petal: Never Be Unprepared Again

If you’re like me, you are a chronic forgetter. Be it keys, wallet, headphones, lunch, and everything in between; I’ve left it at home and kicked myself later. When I forget my menstrual products at home, however, that’s a whole different beast. I can survive without my Airpods for a day, but a big red stain on the back of my pants? That’s where I draw the line. 

Periods can sneak up on us. I always think I know when mine will come around, but then it arrives days early, or even a week late! That’s why I started carrying my Orchyd Period Smart Case™ with its specially designed Orchyd Petal™! 

The Orchyd Petal™ is a Bluetooth tracker that fits neatly into my Orchyd Case™ and acts as a virtual tether between my period smart case and my Orchyd App. The Bluetooth Petal sends customizable alerts to my phone through the Orchyd App, reminding me that I’m about to start my period (just before  I walk out the front door without my case full of supplies)! I love this feature because it means the end of surprise period attacks in public with no menstrual products to defend myself. 

So, there’s no late-morning scramble to find my period products before I head out. This way, I’m always prepared and never leave without the supplies I need. Talk about going with the flow!

I love the thoughtfulness of the Petal’s design as well. Not only is it adorable, but it’s also crushproof, waterproof, and hyper-hygienic, so there’s nothing I can accidentally do to mess with it. It has a super long battery life: 12 months, in fact (!), so there’s no need to worry about charging.

With Orchyd, I can feel confident that I will never be caught unprepared for my period in public ever again.