Tracking & Sharing Fertility with the Orchyd App

Trying to get pregnant can be hard. Even when everything seems to be lining up in life–career, home, partner–and you’re finally ready to have a baby, you and your partner may be finding it difficult to conceive. It’s understandable how frustrating this can be; for whatever reason, your body is just not syncing with your goals, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up!

As soon as we exit puberty, it becomes harder and harder to get pregnant. Our most fertile years are from our mid-teens to our mid-twenties, but most of us aren’t ready or able to commit to children at such a young age! The unfortunate truth is that our bodies were designed to pump out kids as soon as possible–when education, career, and life goals weren’t even a thought in our primitive minds. 

But now, as a modern society, we’ve evolved to want more out of life and have learned how to build a structure for achieving our goals in due time. So why can’t our body just be a team player?

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, it can be extremely helpful to track your menstrual cycle so you know exactly when you’re ovulating. The ability to know when an egg is present for fertilization is super helpful because it guarantees that you and your partner are working towards conception when you have sex!

That’s why Orchyd’s cycle sharing feature is so useful. While most apps will charge you extra for cycle sharing, Orchyd easily lets you share your cycle with an unlimited number of people: keep your partner, OB/GYN, and even your best friend in the loop!

With the Orchyd app, you can also track your discharge, basal body temperature, and fertile days, all for free and all to make your conception journey more seamless. And whenever you have a question or need some professional advice, you can easily connect with a certified OB/GYN through Orchyd’s exclusive OB/GYN Now™ service, and receive the information you need, live, at the touch of a button.