What Makes the Orchyd Period Smart Case “Smart?"

These days, any product that interacts with you and your devices is considered a “smart” product. But a lot of those products aren’t as intuitive as they market themselves to be.

So, turning this question on ourselves–is the Orchyd Case more intuitive than other smart products you can find on the market? The short answer is yes.

The Orchyd Case is designed to sync with the Orchyd app via the Orchyd Petal™. The Orchyd Petal™ is a Bluetooth tracker that you insert into your case and connects directly to your Orchyd app. There is a clever little space designated for the petal in your Orchyd Period Smart Case, and once inserted, your case is “smart.” What this does is connect your Orchyd Case to your Orchyd app, so you’re able to track where you’ve left your case or if it’s time to change out your products.

The Orchyd Petal™ is your virtual tether to the Orchyd app, and with it, you can keep track of your period and your case with ease. If you’ve left your Smart Case behind during your cycle window, your Orchyd app will notify you of its whereabouts. If your phone is more than 50 feet away from your Orchyd Case, you’ll get a push notification as well, so you always know where your case is. 

Not to mention, the app will send you a notification before your anticipated period start date, and you can customize whether that alert comes 3, 2, or 1 day before that date. This is all so you can prepare for your period and replenish your products in your Orchyd Period Smart Case so you’re never caught off guard. This case actually holds up to the word “smart” as it intuitively tracks your period and ensures you never leave without the products you need.