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The Fullest believes that our natural intelligence is our greatest guide and speaks most loudly from a place of ultimate well-being. The Fullest exists to help people connect back to this intuitive state by arming them with trusted resources and providing them with Mother Nature’s best tools.

Each of their products pays homage to ancient healing wisdom but reformulated for the modern woman and menstruator. It’s also their belief that our personal well-being is directly connected to the well-being of our planet — they are proudly a Public Benefit Corporation and always use a nature-first approach to healing.

Nikki Bostwick, a first-generation Iranian American, learned traditional Persian remedies that sparked her interest in the power of plants. She pursued studies in plant-based nutrition, yoga, and Reiki. Through travel and exposure to various healing modalities, she recognized the impact of these tools on mental health. Bostwick believes that wellness begins with mood and emphasizes rituals and self-care practices to heal emotional wounds and expand one's world. Her wellness platform evolved into a holistic product line aimed at supporting people in naturally elevating their mood and living their fullest life.

Ethically curated
Ethically curated

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Your questions, answered

At The Fullest, the health and vitality of our own bodies and of the earth is at the heart of their brand. They believe that our personal well-being is directly connected to the well-being of our planet. This mission translates into their own self-care product line by always leading with a nature-first approach.

They do their homework…All their products are strictly vetted. Every ingredient is sourced from a farm that uses organic, wildcrafted, indigenous, or regenerative farming practices.

In terms of their partner facilities, they only collaborate with those with certified Good Manufacturing Practices. This means they implement protocols that go above and beyond FDA requirements. Each of their partners pays close attention to their environmental footprint and looks to innovate internally to greater and greater levels of sustainability.

For hundreds of years, indigenous farming practices have worked in harmony with the land. Equally, there are many modern farmers adopting regenerative agriculture to restore balance to the earth. The Fullest donates 2% of their annual revenue to nonprofits that are directly working to educate and implement practices that sequester carbon back into our soil. Their goal is to educate others that we are directly connected with nature and our earth’s suffering affects every part of our lives. This is why they are committed to working with these specific nonprofits that have made it their mission to reverse climate change through regenerative farming methods.

Passing the toxins test… Before The Fullest includes any ingredient in their products, they use third-party lab testing for pesticides and herbicides, such as glyphosate. This ensures their products are fully free from harmful chemicals and bacteria. Glass trumps plastic… Packaging is unavoidable but greatly reducing its imprint on their environment is actionable. Every item in their botanical line comes in either glass-based containers or recyclable packaging to eliminate excess landfill. Equally, their high-quality packaging ensures the integrity and longevity of their product to avoid expiration and further waste. Their shipping materials are also entirely plastic and Styrofoam free.


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