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1. The Orchyd App™

  • Track your flow, PMS, ovulation, fertility, and overall health
  • Set reminders to replace or remove your period care products with Safeflow™
  • Customize your app to track exactly what you need

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2. OB/GYN Now™

  • Chat with a certified healthcare professional instantly - day or night
  • Get help with UTIs, birth control, missed periods, pregnancy, STIs, and more
  • No more wait time! Get qualified care right in the palm of your hand

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3. Period Smart Case

  • Store a day's supply of any period care products – tampons, pads, cup, underwear, whatever you like best
  • Receive notifications if you’ve left your smart case behind or forget to replace your period products after use
  • Adjust and/or remove the strap to style the smart case as a clutch, cross-body bag, fanny pack, wallet, and more

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