Radical Relief Trio

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Your Vagina’s favorite pain-reliving trio is here.

We joined forces with Xula and AIMA to create a limited edition bundle, essential for combatting menstrual pain and alleviating period symptoms. It’s time to say goodbye to painful cramps and bloating, and say hello to blissful relief. Supplies are limited, grab yours before they're gone!

Bundle includes:

Orchyd - Mixed Biodegradable Pads

Where comfort and absorbency meet sustainability and 100% biodegradability. Discover your new favorite menstrual pad with the Orchyd Mixed Pack, featuring our 100% GOTS Certified Cotton and Plant-Based Pads, made entirely out of Corn PLA. Super lightweight and soft to the touch, setting you up for leak-free, stress-free period.

Quantity: 3-month supply of mixed pads (36 count)

  • 18x Organic Cotton Pads
  • 18x Plant-Based Pads (Made of corn)

xula - Happy Period Drops

Designed for period cramp and bloating support, xula made this tincture with botanicals that work synergistically together for enhanced pain relief. The herbs and cannabinoids help calm the nervous system; providing stress and inflammation support. 

Servings per container: 30

  • Cannabinoids - 550mg CBD, 100mg CBG
  • Active Botanicals (1:6 Extract Ratio) 4800mg
  • Tasting Notes - Potent herbal base with a spicy finish

AIMA - OVY Relief Vaginal Suppository

OVY Relief™ delivers high-dosage CBD & CBG so you can get back to being + doing YOU during your period. Just unwrap the suppository, stick it in your vagina, and get on with your day while enjoying up to 8 hours of back-to-normal. Ingredients preserve the normal vaginal pH, so no UTIs, yeast infections, or BV! Fast acting and long-lasting. 

Quantity: 5 suppositories

xula - Happy Period Drops

Xula has tested all formulas with 3rd party labs to ensure efficacy, consistency, and safety. Click here to see Certificate of Analysis.

AIMA - OVY Relief Vaginal Suppository

OVY Relief™ is third party tested to the highest standards. CoA can be found here (my-aima.com/CoANew Window). Aima has also received the Physicians Cannabinoid Council's trusted "Quality Verified Seal" https://www.physicianscbdcouncil.com.

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