Cycle Duo Drops

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This is the perfect duo to tackle both period cramps and PMS issues in two phases. When taking these two products throughout your cycle, you may notice long-lasting improvements after a few months of use.

Cycle duo includes: 

Happy Period: PHASE 1

Once your period begins on day 1, take Happy Period drops for optimal cramp support. This plant-powered formula of botanicals eases the less-than-ideal discomforts of menstruation and helps maintain homeostasis, so you can feel yourself and celebrate your cycle. When your period has ended—take Happy Hormones daily for continued hormonal support and balance.

Happy Hormones (PHASE 2)

Once your period is over, take Happy Hormones daily to encourage a better mood and balance every day, right up to your period. Designed with seven powerful botanicals and rigorously tested by people with wombs, these clinically-backed herbs help to restore balance, essential to feeling better day-to-day, physically and mentally.

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