Happy Hormones Drops


A potent blend of herbs and cannabinoids that boost mood and promote hormonal balance; helping reduce the discomfort of PMS symptoms.*

Hormonal Balance & Mood Support

Designed and rigorously tested by people with wombs, we understand that restoring balance is essential to feeling better day-to-day, physically and mentally. This formula features seven powerful botanicals that provide daily mood boost and promote balance so you can feel yourself all month long.

  • 1000mg Cannabinoids Total - 875mg CBD, 125mg CBG
  • Active Botanicals (1:6 Extract Ratio) 4740mg
  • Tasting Notes - A gentle herbal taste with citrus notes throughout

MCT Oil* (Coconut-derived), Hemp, Red Raspberry Leaf*, Burdock Root*, Lemon Balm*, Linden Flowers*, Lemon Verbena*, Turmeric Root*, Lemon Essential Oil*

  • *Certified Organic
  • Burdock root, lemon balm, and red raspberry leaf work together to balance hormones and boost mood
  • Linden flowers and lemon verbena pair up to reduce anxiety and bodily tensions that can be associated with PMS, enhancing feelings of well-being and boosting overall mood
  • Turmeric reduces inflammation and bloating
  • CBD and CBG promote balance of both body and mind


Start with 1/2 dropper 1 to 3 times daily throughout the month. Increase as desired or advised. Drop oil into mouth, hold briefly, then swallow.

Serving Size: 1 dropper (1ml)

Servings per container: 30

Xula has tested all formulas with 3rd party labs to ensure efficacy, consistency, and safety. Click here to see Certificate of Analysis.

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