Momotaro Trio

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Natural Yeast Infection Treatment

In many traditional cultures, before harsh chemicals and 24-hour prescription creams became commonplace, anyone trying to support vaginal and pelvic health considered goldenseal and Oregon grape to be powerful, safe, and gentle ways to help address candida infections. Today, Momotaro Apotheca selects organic botanicals rich in berberine for their products. As a key alkaloid in Goldenseal and Oregon Grape, Berberine works to quickly treat yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

Sex care is self-care!

Gift your favorite vulva owner (yourself?) something that can make them happier, healthier, and more organized. This value set features the beloved Momotaro Trio.

Each set includes their best-selling Salve, bath and body Tonic oil concentrate, and pH balancing Hydrosol spray to proactively support mind-body health and transform sexual care routines into self care rituals.

What’s Inside the Bundle

  • Best-Selling Salve
  • pH balancing Hydrosol
  • Bath & Body Tonic Oil

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