Moon-a-Pause Drops


This tincture embraces change and transition. Designed specifically for easing the changes experienced during menopause, this formula features seven science-backed active botanicals that support the body’s natural processes of cooling and moistening to combat hot flashes and dryness. These organically-grown herbs also support libidinal health.

A potent blend of herbs and cannabinoids that are clinically shown to cool hot flashes, combat dryness, and boost mood.*

  • Black cohosh root, hibiscus, and sage exert cooling effects on the body to ease hot flashes.
  • Schizandra berries and shatavari root encourage vaginal moistening and foster libidinal health.
  • CBD and lemon bolster all other herbs in boosting mood and promoting hormonal balance.

Taste Profile

A pleasing herbaceous blend with piquant notes.

Ingredients: MCT Oil* (Coconut-derived), Hemp, Schizandra Berries*, Shatavari Root*, Black Cohosh Root*, Hibiscus*, Sage*, Lemon Essential Oil* *Certified Organic


Cannabinoid Total: 1200mg

CBD: 1000mg

CBG: 200mg

Active Botanicals (1:6 Extract Ratio)4000mg

Adults: start with 1/2 dropper 1 to 3 times daily. Consistency is key to start seeing results. You should notice changes to libido and hot-flashes by week 2. Increase as desired or advised. Drop oil into mouth, hold briefly, then swallow.

Xula tests all formulas with 3rd party labs to ensure efficacy, consistency, and safety. Click hereto see certificate of analysis.

Xula's Process

Xula products are made using craft batch methods at a cGMP facility, allowing them to rigorously test and control for quality. Their botanicals are infused in a manner that helps preserve the heat-sensitive compounds present and yields their whole plant power. Their terpene-rich and cannabinoid-diverse hemp is extracted using a cold wash process with organic whole-grain alcohol that allows them to capture and maintain most of the compounds present in the plant.

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