CBD Glitter Bombs


Pink Champagne CBD Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs

Glitter Bombs Only - Drink up, then chill out, with Not Pot and Art of Sucre.

Pink Champagne Glitter Bombs is their street name. Their scientific name? Pink Champagne CBD Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs. We know. It’s a mouthful. But with every mouthful — and glass full — you’ll feel chill with 5mg of our hemp-derived CBD, look fancy with a glittery concoction packed with freeze-dried strawberries, and taste our cult-favorite Pink Champagne flavor. And no, they won’t make you high. Just sugar high.

Gummy Bundle - A duo that’s best served, and enjoyed, chilled.

Feel a little bit fancy and a lotta bit relaxed, with our limited edition Drink Pink bundle. What’s inside? Our brand new collaboration with Art of Sucre: Pink Champagne CBD Glitter Bombs. Plus, our own cult-favorite Pink Champagne CBD Gummies. One’s for dropping into your glass. The other’s for popping into your mouth. Both are made with 5mg of hemp-derived, sustainably-sourced CBD that’s lab tested and dinner party tested. Because the contents of your flute isn’t the only thing that’s chilled around here. (It’s you. You’re the other chilled thing.)

Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs are best used when dropped into a glass and a clear, bubbly beverage is poured directly on top. Safe for all ages to consume and don’t forget to give the drink a little stir for the full, sparkly effect!