Pro Herbal Supplement


Pro herbal blend supports progesterone production in the second half of the cycle. Balanced progesterone levels support a healthy cycle, so you can live and feel your best.

The Supplement Cycle

Hormones ebb and flow throughout the cycle, meaning how you support them should, too. Proov Pro herbal supplement is crafted to give your body the support it needs, when it needs it most. The three herbal ingredients support your body’s natural progesterone during the phase of your cycle when progesterone is queen — the luteal phase.

Who This Product Is For

  • Women who are looking to support natural progesterone production.
  • Women who are not on fertility medications.

  • Vitex: Supports your body’s ability to produce progesterone
  • Ashwagandha: Supports stress hormone levels and your body’s natural progesterone production
  • Maca: Supports your body’s healthy progesterone production

Proovrecommends taking Pro once daily for the last 15 days of your cycle.

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