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The Extra Large Sanitizer

The Extra Large Sanitizer

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Fulfilled by our friends at JUNE | The Original June Menstrual Cup

30% larger than the Original Compact Sanitizer, this collapsible silicone container is the easiest way to safely sterilize and store your cup or disc between uses.

Sterilize: Expand the Sanitizer on a flat surface, place your June Cup inside, and pour boiling water into the vessel.

Soak: Leave your June Cup in the water for 5 minutes, empty, and allow to air dry.

Store: Once it’s dry, replace the lid on the Sanitizer and store your June Cup for your next flow.

Travel-Friendly Collapsible Design

30% larger than the original compact sanitizer, this cup cleaner collapses to a space-saving 0.5 inch disc.

Keeps Your Cup or Disc Hygienic Between Uses

Leave your June Cup or Disc in the water for 5 minutes, empty, and allow to air dry. This sanitizer will hold even the larger cups and easily offer you storage for multiple small discs.

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