June Menstrual Disc - 2 Pack

June Menstrual Disc - 2 Pack

$58 $36.99

A new way to flow: the perfect alternative to pads & tampons. This comfortable, reusable silicone menstrual disc collects blood at your cervix and gives you 12 hour leak-free protection --reducing cramps and making period sex without the mess a new possibility.

Why You'll Love it

  • Insert in less time than unwrapping a tampon
  • More comfortable with chronic cramps
  • Suction-free seal for IUDs
  • 12-hour leak-free protection
  • Less risk of TSS than tampons
  • Reusable. Wash and wear it for up to 5 years

Easy to Insert. Comfy for Hours.

Pinches to the size of a tampon, glides in easily, and reduces cramps by sitting against your cervix instead of in your vaginal canal.

Conforms To Your Body

Our medical-grade silicone is softer and more flexible so it contours to your body and lasts up to 5 years.

Period Sex Without Mess

Collects your flow against your cervix so you can have penetrative period sex without blood.

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