UTI Daily Protection


Say goodbye to chronic UTIs with the Stix daily supplement to promote urinary health. Formulated with essential ingredients including cranberry, Vitamin C, turmeric, and D-mannose.

Includes 60 capsules (1-month supply)

Improve your urinary health

Designed by expert urologists, the Stix UTI Daily Protection Supplement uses natural ingredients to help maintain a healthy urinary tract. With no artificial coloring or preservatives, their supplement is formulated with what you need and nothing you don’t.


How Does The UTI Daily Protection Supplement Work?

The ingredients in the Stix UTI daily protection supplement help to keep your urinary tract healthy by limiting the growth of bacteria and keeping bacteria from attaching to your bladder walls. For maximum results, take two daily (really, every day) with water. In addition to taking this supplement daily, remember to drink lots of water, pee after sex (every time!), wipe front to back, avoid products that irritate (like scented feminine washes or douches), and urinate whenever you have the urge.

Is This Safe To Take While Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

Stix always recommends speaking with your doctor before taking dietary supplements or using internal or topical treatments during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. The vaginal health probiotic contains Inulin, which can cause gassiness, stomach cramping, diarrhea and even anaphylactic reaction (rarely) in some individuals. Discontinue use and speak with your doctor if you are experiencing bloating, stomach discomfort or diarrhea.

Formulated with 4 key ingredients to promote urinary health including:

  • Cranberry — Helps interfere with bacteria’s ability to bind to the bladder wall to support urinary health.
  • D-mannose — Binds to bacteria and makes it difficult to attach to the bladder wall to help protect your urinary system.
  • Turmeric — A compound with antioxidant properties that helps reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Vitamin C — Limits the growth of bacteria by acidifying the urine and making it a hostile environment for bacteria.
  • Vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, & soy free

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