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UTI Tests

UTI Tests

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Test for UTIs at home with the same quality test as your doctor’s. Save a trip and know with confidence whether you have a urinary tract infection.

Includes 3 UTI tests & 3 pH-balanced wipes.

✔️ Instant results ✔️ Urologist approved ✔️ Simple instructions

Test for UTIs & treat with confidence

Never wonder whether you have a UTI with the Stix easy-to-use, urologist-approved UTI Test. With results in 2 minutes, the Stix UTI tests determine what’s causing your symptoms, helping you get treatment faster. Save a trip to the doctor’s office and send your UTI test results directly to your health care provider for quick treatment.


How Do I Use The UTI Test?

The Stix UTI test is the same test you take at the doctor, and a simple, one-step process. First, wipe your urethra (where you pee from) with one of the pH balanced wipes. Then, pee on the test strip pads. After letting the results develop for two minutes, compare the test strip pads to the color chart on the test wrapper. Check out the full instructions here.

Will The UTI Test Give Me Accurate Results If I'm Pregnant?

Pregnancy will not interfere with your UTI test results, and UTIs are often more common during pregnancy so we love that you're testing and being proactive about your health.

You may get an inaccurate results if:

  • You're dehydrated or so overly-hydrated that your urine is diluted.
  • You experience color blindness (the test relies on color matching). Have someone check your results with you!
  • You're already taking any kind of antibiotic.
  • Your urine has a ph8, AKA you're experiencing kidney stones, severe vomiting, blood in your urine, or other factors that are altering your urine in major ways. In those cases, this test is not for you, but please talk to your primary care provider and take care.
  • You've been taking medicine or supplements that alter your urine color, such as drugs containing azo dyes (i.e. the Stix UTI fast-acting pain relief, Pyridium, Azo Gantrisin, Azo Gantanol), nitrofurantoin (Microdantin, Furadantin), riboflavin.
  • Your UTI is caused by a bacteria that is not detectable by nitrite levels. This happens in a small number of cases and requires visiting your primary care provider.

How Do I Read My UTI Test Results?

Hold the test strip up to each color block and match it to the closest color block on the chart on your test wrapper. The color on your test strip indicates if you are positive, negative, or have traces of nitrite and leukocytes.

What Happens If My Test Results Indicate I Have A UTI?

If your UTI test shows a positive result, share the results with your primary care provider. If your doctor has a web portal, we recommend messaging and uploading there. If not, give them a call and ask where you can send a photo of the test results. While you wait for a prescription or next steps from your doctor, drink lots of water, as staying hydrated helps flush your urinary tract of bacteria. If you're experiencing pain and discomfort, check out the Stix UTI fast-acting pain relief to help alleviate UTI symptoms.

What Happens If My Results Indicate That I Do Not Have A UTI?

Stix tests are clinically-tested at detecting common forms of UTIs. Remember, only a full urinalysis can detect every type of UTI. So if you have symptoms (even if you tested negative), please contact your primary care provider for assessment and treatment.

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