Womb Protector Ritual Bundle


Meet your new favorite healing ritual. Pelvic steaming is a long forgotten practice that has been used for centuries across many cultures. We have created this special kit for the most elevated pelvic steaming experience, allowing modern day women the opportunity to reconnect to the ancestral wisdom of the womb.

This Ritual Bundle includes:

THE FULLEST Pelvic Steaming Stool

  • Custom made using non-toxic, formaldehyde-free beechwood, our stool features a minimalist design. You may feel inspired to keep it out on display rather than store it away.

THE FULLEST Clay Steaming Pot

  • This pot is handmade in small batches using non-toxic, non-leaching, stovetop-friendly clay from a woman-owned ceramic studio in Brooklyn.

Womb Protector™ Pelvic Steaming Herbs 

  • Four single-serving sachets of our herbal blend formulated for gentle monthly support.
  • Womb Protector™ also aids in conception, fertility, postpartum healing, and even preventing recurring infections.

Raspberry Leaf, Rose, Dandelion, Calendula, Lavender, Cat’s Claw, Holy Basil, Pau d’arco, Yarrow, Saffron

*All herbs are organic