The 3 Best YouTube Channels For Period Positivity

The 3 Best YouTube Channels For Period Positivity

We’ve seen a surge in recent years of blogs, social media accounts, and videos, all dedicated to tackling taboo subjects. Topics like sexual health, body positivity, equality, and so much more are finally getting a platform after years of being shoved in a corner to talk about later. The people at the forefront of this surge are inspirational content creators fed up with having to be quiet about important topics. 

These creators use their platforms to spread awareness and give others a place to find the advice they have been looking for. YouTube is one of these platforms, and there are a plethora of creators who have made it their mission to discuss period positivity, sexual health, reproduction, and so much more. 

We want to shed a little light on a few of these wonderful creators and show you what you’d be able to find if you took a peek at their pages. 

Hannah Witton

First, we have Hannah Witton, a twenty-nine-year-old English YouTuber whose content is focused mainly on sexual health and sex positivity. Sprinkled in, Hannah covers menstruation, reproduction, feminism, activism, and living with a disability. Hannah lives with Ulcerative Colitis and makes many videos about what it’s like to have an active sex life with her condition. She teaches others living with disabilities not to let it shame them out of having healthy sex lives either. 

Hannah also wrote a book in 2019 about menstruation called The Hormone Diaries: The Bloody Truth About Our Periods, exposing the “bloody truth” about menstruation and striking up the conversation about normalizing it. If you’re looking for some excellent and informative videos about menstrual health, check out The Truth About Discharge, A Guide To Reusable Period Products, and Things You Should Learn About Periods In School. 

If you’ve got a question, Hannah is sure to have an answer to it, and her bubbly personality and willingness to delve deep into these topics make her a true joy to watch. 

Melanie Murphy

Next up, we have Melanie Murphy, a thirty-one-year-old Irish author, and content creator. She has been using her platform to spread positivity regarding ED recovery, sexual health, mental health, and so much more. Melanie is fiercely honest and funny, chatting openly about her body and how she takes care of it. She isn’t afraid to shy away from topics that might make others uncomfortable, like vaginal health, contraception, and PMS. 

She has a small five-part series called PMS Party, where she talks about everything from period weight gain to hormonal acne, so you don’t feel alone if you’re in the same boat. Her channel has had a recent shift after the birth of her son, but she’s still talking about how her body, period, and sexual health has changed since giving birth. There are many videos on her channel for everyone, from teenagers to new parents, so you can find valuable information in an easygoing and fun-to-follow format. 

Melanie is a delight to watch, and her content is so varied that you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for on her channel. She’s so positive and down-to-earth that her videos are difficult not to be drawn into. 

As/Is by Buzzfeed

This YouTube recommendation is not a single creator but is run by a few creators who work for Buzzfeed Media and guests. The subject matter on this channel spans many different topics like pregnancy, style, body positivity, and so much more. They have several videos dedicated to menstruation like Doctors Answer Commonly Searched Questions About Periods, 8 Types Of Periods You Have, and A Week In My Life With Endometriosis

This channel features people from all different backgrounds and walks of life, so the information you’re getting is varied but relatable. They feature many guests, including doctors, nutritionists, individuals with endometriosis, people who no longer have their periods, trans people, and nonbinary people. 

There is such a wide array of content on this channel that you’ll be able to find something you relate to without having to search too long. If you want something more whimsical, or you’re looking for something inspirational, this channel likely has the video for you. 

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