4 Podcasts on Gender, Sexuality, & Menstruation

Podcasts are a new take on the old art of radio shows, providing their audiences with a unique auditory experience that educates, entertains, and so much more. Podcasters have creatively diversified their media market by providing shows that dissect subjects most traditional media outlets don’t want to talk about. Podcasting also provides marginalized and largely voiceless groups a platform to discuss their own issues and communities without censorship.

That being said, there is a wide variety of podcasts centered around subjects like gender, sexuality, and menstruation, hosted by individuals who have experience in these areas firsthand. Oftentimes they’ll even bring on guests to help discuss topics they may not be as familiar with or can’t speak on themselves. Subjects like menstruating while disabled, being a queer POC, and racism and sexism found within the LGBTQIA+ community are all subjects that aren’t touched on enough in traditional media platforms, so podcasting has opened up these conversations.

Here are four podcasts we recommend if you’re looking for diverse topics and open conversations about gender, sexuality, and menstruation.

Dyking Out - A Lesbian and LGBTQIA Podcast for Everyone!

New York City comedians Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali started this podcast to spread queer news and discuss pop culture and LGBTQIA+ experiences with their audience. Oftentimes they’ll have a guest on to help them open up conversations about subjects they are passionate about but may not have all the information on or experience in. Some memorable guests have been Mara Wilson, Margaret Cho, Alison Bechdel, and so many more activists, actors, musicians, and artists, who all have a perspective to share.

They’ve covered a variety of topics like masturbation, feminism, Bi-Pan Myths, sex work, being intersex, and what equality means. If you’re passionate about a subject or have an experience that you wish would be represented more in the media, chances are Carolyn and Melody have discussed it during their 182 episode run. They approach each topic with grace but relatability, making their episodes fun and easy to imbibe during a busy week.

QUEERY with Cameron Esposito

Long-standing queer stand-up comic Cameron Esposito started her podcast to draw attention to the stories and lived experiences of queer individuals. She wanted to provide a platform for people to talk openly about the ever-changing social climate surrounding gender, sexuality, and civil rights.

She has featured guests from all walks of life who have different identities and lived experiences. She’s featured guests like sapphic musicians Tegan and Sara, nonbinary activist Jeffrey Marsh, Congressman Mark Takano, and the list goes on. They discuss topics like marginality, sex and sexuality, gender performance, and more in an effort to shed light on topics that don’t get enough attention. Cameron is funny and charming and delivers these informative podcast episodes with remarkable ease and grace. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re looking for a truly diverse podcast rec.


The variance of topics and interviews in this podcast series is what makes it truly something special. This podcast is a collaboration between host Jeffrey Masters and The Advocate magazine and is structured as a series of informative and enjoyable interviews. Their topics are all incredibly diverse and vary from most other podcasts.

Guests discuss topics with firsthand experiences, such as Abdi Nazemian’s experience coming out in a Middle Eastern family or Buck Angel’s experience as a trans man in the porn industry. Masters and his collaborators go above and beyond to bring thoroughly thought-out episodes. The subjects vary from serious to amusing and give the listener a unique experience to get to know each of the interviewees intimately.

The Heavy Flow Podcast

Amanda Laird is a registered holistic nutritionist who has brought issues like hormonal health, reproduction, menstruation, sex, and sexuality to the forefront. Each month she takes on a new subject and occasionally brings in guests to help further the discussion to bring out a deeper conversation. Some of her most recent topics have been related to changing the way white, liberal, feminist women approach racism, how they should do better, and why healthcare needs a feminist revolution.

The tone of her podcast is a little bit different from the others on this list, but it is just as enjoyable and informational. Laird and her guests provide a different perspective and capture deeper conversations on menstrual health, a deeply neglected topic in most media. See here for more podcast recommendations!

by Orchyd Team

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