Top 7 Period Instagram Accounts to Follow

Top 7 Period Instagram Accounts to Follow

Periods are so highly stigmatized in everyday life that it feels embarrassing to talk about them with other people. Thankfully, in the past few years, there has been a rise in social media presences that talk about periods positively. It is hard enough to have to go through some of the discomforts that accompany having a period, which is why having these spaces on social media is so important. We've gathered some of our favorite Instagram accounts that talk positively about period culture and hope they can help you out when that time of the month rolls around.

PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement (@periodmovement)

This page was created by the global non-profit movement PERIOD, showcasing their advocacy and fight to end the stigmatization of periods. These youth leaders are fighting hard to eradicate period poverty, educate the masses, and provide aid to those who can't afford supplies. They are highly inclusive, wanting to help bridge the gap of period poverty and advocating for black lives, trans lives, and more.

They also have chapters all over the U.S so people can provide local support and strengthen the numbers they have working to raise money and change public policy. They raise money for period poverty and gather supplies to give to those in lower-income areas.

Pink Bits (@pink_bits)

This Instagram is almost entirely focused on period and body-positive art, self-proclaimed to illustrate the bits and shapes people are told to hide. It is a highly inclusive and creative page that tries to bring attention to things that might otherwise be stigmatized.

They showcase bodies of all sizes, colors, shapes, as well as disabled, POC, trans, and nonbinary bodies. It is an Instagram filled with representation and art that shows off the realities of bodies on their period, stretch marks, and more.

Bloody Good Period (@bloodygoodperiod)

They are primarily focused on supplying period products to asylum seekers, refugees, and those who are experiencing period poverty. Their goal is to break the stigmas surrounding period culture and try to bring menstrual equality. There is a massive problem in our country with the availability of period and hygiene products that are affordable.

They share resources, period positive inclusive artwork, and discussions that advocates are giving while also providing information on how to get involved in their mission.

All Bodies Health (@allbodieshealth)

Formerly Cycles and Sex, they changed their name to be more inclusive of all bodies and all people. They provide resources and online health workshops covering topics like period health, sex, body positivity, mental health, and more. They focus a lot of their work on vaginal health and demystifying menstruation.

They are a great resource if you're looking for answers to difficult questions, tips, and tricks for period health, or resources to help give back to those in need.

Alice Skinner (@thisisaliceskinner)

Alic is an illustrator and visual artist whose art focuses on body positivity, inequality, and ending period poverty and stigma. Her artwork depicts bodies of all types and empowering messages in order to inspire and provide solidarity to those experiencing stigma or unfair treatment. Alice tries to draw attention to the things that need fixing through her art and sharing it with her audience.

She wants people to feel empowered when they see her work, rather than thinking they are alone in what they might be experiencing.

Menstrugram (@menstrugram)

This page is truly unique, offering an entirely different take on period positivity in the form of menstrual blood artwork. It is full of various photographs that are abstract depictions made from period sloughing. While it may seem odd, it is quite a beautiful way to normalize period blood.

Most people see menstrual blood as something gross they shouldn't talk about or let others see, but by creating this account, the artist has made this very normal part of menstruation into art.

Hannah Daisy (@makedaisychains)

Artwork can be so cathartic, especially when it is specific to issues that marginalized or stigmatized groups are facing. Self-care is one of Hannah Daisy's biggest focuses; she also emphasizes equality, period destigmatization, and body positivity. She also has several artworks that focus on PCOS and Endometriosis, which are often not discussed because of their stigma.

All in all, her page is a breath of fresh air and approaches topics like menstruation inclusively and positively.

To Wrap Up

Instagram, in many ways, has become a place to combat the unrealistic expectations placed upon so many people. Especially when periods are concerned, it can help have social media showcase positivity regarding menstruation. With so many people looking to social media all the time, it is beneficial to have so many pages dedicated to spreading awareness and positivity.

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