6 Erogenous Zones to Keep a Eye On

6 Erogenous Zones to Keep a Eye On

The great philosopher Plato once said, “ass ass ass ass.” And he was right for that. But, there is more to pleasure than just ass. There’s actually, like, way more. There are the backs of the knees, armpits, and earlobes, oh my! There are almost too many to name, though some may try. So, instead, below is a non-exhaustive list of the erogenous zones you need to know.

I’m going to start with the basics and then move on to the interesting stuff. We’ve got the usual suspects: butt, boob, vagina, penis: the go-tos, nothing super exciting or inspiring here. What you really want to do is stimulate the underdog erogenous zones during foreplay with your partner. Hit ‘em where they least expect to get pleasure from, then slowly build-up to the heavy hitters.


The ears are a good place to start: they are super sensitive and have hundreds of sensory receptors inside. I like to warm them up with some sexy whispering, usually starting with “what’s for dinner” and then really sealing the deal with “oh...um....I think your cat just threw up on the rug.” If that doesn’t immediately launch you into sex, you can move onto the...

Navel and Lower Stomach

Not even I saw this one coming, but whatever floats your boat. This area is fun because it’s almost the genitals but also not at all. My sexy research tells me that tracing around the navel with your fingertips, tongue, or even a feather (because everyone should have one lying around) can be very stimulating and pleasurable. And, if you really want to scare them, bust out an ice cube.

Small of the back

Men in clubs have had this one mastered for years. They must have read some articles.

Inner Wrist

The inner wrist is actually highly sensitive. I like to trace it longingly to remind my boyfriend that he has not bought me a fancy wristwatch. Other people employ the wrist for a little over-the-table hand action, throwing in some suggestive looks and making bedroom eyes, even though they are very much in public (please stop doing this). If you’re already in the throes of passion (please don’t be in public anymore), you can grab your partner’s hand and graze the skin with your lips and tongue.


Roleplay as a hairdresser giving your customer a conditioner rinse. However, if you do this, they will most likely forget about sex and just request this over and over again until you both die.

Behind the Knee

Make them go -

New Girlfriend - SNL 

Bottom of Feet and Toes

Tell your partner that this really gets you going, and voila! Free foot rub. Thank me later. You can also alternate between rubbing and licking the foot, and honestly, I was going to start talking about pressure points, but after I wrote “licking the foot,” it kind of changed the vibe of this paragraph.

So those are some alternative options to really get your night started. Of course, you should be utilizing the nipple areas, neck, and genitals to kick into high gear, but you already knew that. Now you have some erogenous zone appetizers to go with your main course. Enjoy!

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