How a Tilted Uterus Affects Your Cycle

How a Tilted Uterus Affects Your Cycle

Of all the many people who have uteruses, one in five of those individuals has a tilted one (otherwise known as a retroverted uterus). It is likely, you were never even taught what a tilted uterus is and how this common condition affects your menstrual cycle. You might even be an individual who has a tilted uterus. Especially if you haven’t seen an OB/GYN, you may not even know.

So what is a tilted uterus? Essentially it means your uterus and cervix are tilted back towards the base of your spine rather than being positioned upright. This sounds daunting, but typically it doesn’t affect an individual’s well-being or cause disruptions to their cycle. It is something people are usually born with, but it can also be affected by uterine conditions that can affect the positioning of the uterus.

Having a tilted uterus can be undetectable without support from an OB/GYN. But, how might you be affected by having a tilted uterus, and what can you pay attention to? In some cases, individuals may notice slight issues during menstruation, intercourse, or reproduction. Let’s get into it below.

Symptoms of a Tilted Uterus

For most cases, it isn’t likely you’ll notice outright that you have a tilted uterus. Without seeing a doctor, you may go a while without even knowing you have one. Your doctor can test if you have a tilted uterus by inserting two fingers and pressing on your abdominal muscles to check for the position of your uterus. If you’re not able to see a doctor, you might notice other key symptoms.

Cramping In Your Lower Back

Because the uterus is tilted back towards the spine, it’s common for those with this condition to experience cramps in their lower back. When the uterus sits upright or is positioned forward towards the navel, you’re more likely to experience lower abdomen cramping. Of course, lower back cramps aren’t a sure sign, but if you’ve ever wondered why your lower back cramps more than your pelvis during your cycle, this might be why.

Pain During Penetration

While pain overall during intercourse can belay other underlying conditions, you may find certain positions are more uncomfortable when you have a tilted uterus. Penetrative sex can be painful with a tilted uterus, most notably when entered from behind. Fast or hard penetration can also hit at the wrong angle and cause deep pain due to the position. So if you’re experiencing a lot of pain during intercourse, you should check in with your doctor.

Trouble With Inserted Products

Have you ever had a hard time getting your tampon or menstrual cup in or out? It may be due to the position of your uterus. The tilt of your uterus can make it incredibly difficult to get a tampon or cup inserted without causing pain or discomfort.

Some may even experience issues with their period products not catching everything and causing leakage as they might not sit properly inside the vaginal opening. Your products may even shift or twist, causing difficulty when you go to remove them. So if tampons and cups are something you struggle with, you might have your answer as to why.

UTIs and Bathroom Problems

It is far easier for your urethra to take in bacteria and lead to uncomfortable UTIs with a tilted uterus. Some doctors may even recommend procedures to correct this issue if you’re suffering from UTIs frequently.

The tilt can even impact other organs in your pelvic region, pressing on your bladder and making it easier for little accidents to happen. Wearing a panty-liner can help with this. If you’ve ever struggled to poop, especially while menstruating, the size and position of your uterus may be to blame. It can push on the rectum uncomfortably and make it harder to go to the bathroom with all of the added pressure.

Menstrual Irregularity

If your period is hard to track, it may be because of the position of your uterus. It is especially important to keep track of your menstrual cycle, so you aren’t alarmed when your period comes early or late.

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