How Do Patches Work?

How Do Patches Work?

Patches, or transdermal patches, are a unique, innovative approach to health care. Patches work on the principle of transdermal drug delivery, allowing active ingredients to be absorbed through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. The patches are designed with a backing layer, an adhesive, and a reservoir containing a carefully curated blend of natural ingredients, vitamins, and supplements.

Upon application to the skin, the patch's adhesive gently adheres to the epidermis, creating a continuous and steady release of the active components over a designated period. This sustained delivery ensures that the body receives a controlled dosage of the essential elements, maximizing their potential benefits. Unlike oral supplements or medications that may undergo digestion and metabolic processes before entering the bloodstream, transdermal patches bypass these stages, leading to improved bioavailability and overall effectiveness.

Why Should I Use Patches?

Good question! Why opt for a patch when you can take a pill? Answers below.

First, convenience stands as a major advantage. Patches are discreet, easy to apply and remove, and eliminate the need to swallow pills or mix powders into beverages. Moreover, they can be worn discreetly under clothing, providing a hassle-free solution for those with busy lifestyles.

Second, some patch companies, like The Good Patch in the Orchyd Marketplace™, take a more natural and holistic approach to wellness. The Good Patch carefully selects ingredients, opting for plant-based components and essential nutrients to target specific health concerns. Whether it's stress relief, sleep enhancement, energy boost, or other well-being objectives, their patches are designed to offer an alternative option to individuals seeking a more natural path to wellness.

Finally, the controlled and gradual release of active ingredients by transdermal patches ensures a sustained impact on the body. This consistency prevents sudden spikes or crashes in the bloodstream, promoting a stable and balanced experience for the wearer. It can be especially beneficial for individuals who struggle with compliance when taking traditional supplements at specific daily intervals.

Are Patches Safe?

Transdermal patches are generally considered safe for most individuals when used as directed. If you are shopping in the marketplace, The Good Patch patches are gluten-free, dermatologically tested, paraben free, made without latex, cruelty-free, and vegan.

That said, being mindful of individual allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients is essential. Before using any new wellness product, including transdermal patches, it is advisable to read the ingredients list carefully and consult with your doctor or a healthcare professional through Orchyd MD™. Pregnant or nursing individuals and those with underlying medical conditions should also consult with a healthcare provider.

What’s in a Patch?

The goal of the product determines the ingredients in a patch. Below are the top five best sellers from The Good Patch, available in the Orchyd Marketplace™, to be delivered for free right to your door.

Period Hemp Patch

This patch helps soothe and alleviate common menstrual discomforts. The Period patches are manufactured in the United States with premium quality hemp grown locally with organic practices.


  • Industrial Hemp Extract
  • Menthyl Lactate
  • Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga Racemosa)
  • Black Pepper Extract (Piper Nigrum)
Cycle Patch

This carefully formulated patch includes a selection of plant-based ingredients known for their potential benefits in promoting balance and comfort during menstruation. The Cycle patches are water resistant and made with 4-way stretch fabric.


  • Menthol
  • Black Cohosh
B12 Awake Patch

The B12 Awake Patch by The Good Patch is designed to boost energy and enhance alertness. This patch supports increased energy levels.


  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Vitamin B12
Desire Patch

This patch aims to support and enhance passion and desire. It incorporates natural ingredients that promote arousal and sensuality.


  • Vitamin B6
  • Reishi
  • Black Maca
Be Calm Hemp Patch

Support relaxation and reduce stress with the Be Calm patch. This patch is infused with ingredients known for their potential to promote a sense of calm and tranquility. The Be Calm patches are manufactured in the United States with premium quality hemp grown locally with organic practices.


  • Industrial Hemp Extract
  • Menthyl Lactate
  • Ashwagandha Root Powder
  • Passionflower Powder
  • Black Pepper Extract

How Long Can I Wear a Patch?

The answer depends on the patch. One benefit of The Good Patch products is you can wear them between eight to 12 hours, but they can be worn however long you need. You can comfortably go about your day, and when you are ready, just peel the patch off.

Where to Place Patches

Proper placement of transdermal patches is vital for their effectiveness. The patches should be applied to clean, dry skin free from oils, lotions, or other skincare products. Place the patch on an area of the skin with minimal hair to ensure proper adhesion.

Common locations for patch placement include the inside of the wrist, the back of the shoulder, the lower abdomen, or the top of the foot. Users can rotate the placement area to avoid potential skin irritation from prolonged use in the same spot.

What to Expect

Individual experiences may vary based on the patch's purpose and one's unique physiology. Some users may notice immediate effects, while others might experience more subtle improvements over time. Patience and regular use are key to maximizing the benefits of the patches. You can expect to feel the benefits about 20 minutes after application when using The Good Patch.

How You Know Its Working

If you are used to taking pills, gummies, or powders, it can be hard to know when a patch is working.

The key to determining a patch's efficacy is to be mindful of any changes in the targeted area of improvement and to keep track of how you feel throughout regular patch usage. Some individuals may experience more immediate results, while others may notice improvements gradually as the body absorbs the active ingredients.

You can have confidence when applying The Good Patch. All of their patches endure extensive 3rd party testing to guarantee that what you see is what you get. The ingredients are “tried-and-true” and recognizable. There is a reason they have nearly 4,000 5-star testimonials!

So, that is how transdermal patches work! Hopefully, you have the confidence to start benefitting from this innovative form of care.

by Courtney K

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