The 5 Best TikTok Channels For Everyone With a Period

The 5 Best TikTok Channels For Everyone With a Period

TikTok has become the platform for just about anything. If you’re looking for the most obscure but also the most relatable content, you’re likely to find a pretty good haul on your “For You” home page. While it can be fun to watch pets skateboarding or another viral recipe that is only going to make you hungry, there are actually some really informative videos lurking around the app. 

If you’re someone who has a period, there are some universal things we all experience. Some pretty genius TikTokers have made it their goal to share these universal experiences on the app we’re all spending too much time on. So if you’re looking to laugh or you want to learn something new about your period, here are a few TikToks you should watch if you’re someone who menstruates.


Kathryn Morgan has made it her mission to inform the masses on menstruation and the issues faced by those who menstruate. She started her informational journey on platforms like YouTube, Instagram and even has a podcast. Lately, she’s branched into the world of TikTok and has been using the platform to educate and spread awareness. 

She has informational videos on her page with an amusing flare, answering questions you never even thought to ask. She has guides on inserting a tampon or menstrual cup and answering questions like “what is that shooting pain in my bum when I’m on my period.” She even has some silly videos using popular TikTok trends and sounds. 

One, in particular, was a video titled “when men say periods are gross,” and she questioned why their stomachs weren’t sensitive while watching gross-out horror movies like Saw or Human Centipede. These relatable videos educate and help others who menstruate feel less alone when they feel like they aren’t in control of their bodies. 


Kelly Mac is making talking about periods a little bit easier and even funny at times. She uses her platform to answer questions and comment on the fact that cis-hetero men control the period product market. She argues that period products are often not marketed to actual people, and the branding and products that some companies come up with are dated and unrelatable. 

She talks openly about subjects like intense period pain, discharge, endometriosis, and so much more. Kelly is also open about her LGBTQIA+ status as a queer and nonbinary person and discusses problems with menstrual inequality. 

She also has a series of videos detailing things she wished she knew before starting her period, which has become a great resource for younger people who aren’t getting all of the information they should be about their bodies. 

So if you want to watch some funny and informational videos about menstruation that feel like you’re talking to a close friend, Kelly Mac’s page might be for you. 

There are also dozens of miscellaneous TikToks on the app that center around relatable period content. While not every page is dedicated to period culture or education, it is a universal thing that affects so many, so of course, there would be tons of content centered around it. 


Ceceliaisgray, for example, made a TikTok singing a song that starts “why do my titties hurt” and questions if it is cancer and then ends with her realizing it’s her period having come again. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had that moment of fear, wondering if something was truly wrong but then realized it was just that time of the month again. 


Demi of Bright Girl Heath also made a video showing the different days of your period and your flow level using ketchup on a plate. She shows the first three days as relatively normal amounts of blood and then only squirts a few droplets on day four. But when it comes to day 5 or 6, she dumps out the entirety of the ketchup bottle. I know we’ve all been there, thinking our period is over only for our flow to come out heavier than ever. 


Presley shares her experience of what it feels like to rip a dry tampon out; she plays dramatic music and then shows herself pretending to take out a dry tampon while she dramatically collapses, pretending to scream and cry. Though it may seem a little obnoxious, that feeling is entirely relatable.

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