Top 4 Podcasts On Menstrual Health

Podcasts have changed the way that we imbibe media. Like radio shows that have been on the air for years, podcasts have found a way to revitalize that medium and bring it into modern relevance. Whatever you are interested in or relate to, you can pretty much guarantee there’s a podcast about it. Even certain niche topics like astrology, true crime, and dungeons & dragons have all found their place in the world of podcasting. 

So, did you know that menstrual health and period positivity have their own place in the podcast universe? There are several podcasts out there that touch on menstrual health and wellness that you don’t often see presented in other formats. These podcasts cover a wide variety of other topics like activism, sex, gender & sexuality, and so much more. 

The Queer Wellness Podcast

Typical health and wellness platforms tend to exclude or pass over the topics related to queer, trans, and nonbinary people. With these topics being overlooked in both media and education, it can be difficult to get the information we really need. Thankfully holistic wellness coach Katya Weiss-Anderson has taken it upon herself to educate the masses by highlighting experts in the LGBTQ+ community.

Weiss-Anderson covers menstrual health, deep-diving into topics about nutrition for your period, holistic herbs that can be used to treat symptoms, and the pros and cons of the products we use on our periods. In addition to period health, she talks in-depth about sexual health, boundaries, and how to handle trauma. Her platform is great for individuals seeking further education, support, and understanding. 

The Heavy Flow Podcast

Holistic nutritionist Amanda Laird openly discusses topics that aren’t typically covered in mainstream media or everyday conversations. Topics like fertility, the menstrual cycle, hormones, feminism, sex, sexuality, and so much more are all welcome as she attempts to normalize them and expand upon their intricacies.

She and her guests refuse to shy away from topics that others have claimed are difficult, such as menstruating while homeless, PCOS, menstruating with a disability, and so many more. She even hosted Cass Bliss, a trans menstrual activist, for an episode that featured their campaign “bleeding while trans.” The episode focused on bringing awareness to the lack of inclusivity in period culture for trans and nonbinary folx.

The podcast began in 2017 but stalled somewhere in May of 2020, but there are still a wealth of episodes spanning from activism to fertility that you really should give a listen to. 

That Bloody Sex Podcast

A sex educator and period activist collide for this powerful podcast starring activist Kathryn Morgan of Bloody Honest Period and Millie Evans of RSE with Millie. Their goal was to create a space that was as bloody honest as they are with no subject off the table for discussion. Nothing is off-limits, and their episodes are filled with various topics like sex on your period, pain during sex, and raising people who menstruate, or “bleeders” as they’ve dubbed them. 

Their show is raw and relatable, with hints of humor and plenty of education. They have an open rapport that is charming to listen to and easy to engage with as they cover topics we don’t often get to discuss. It is certainly worth a listen if you’re looking for honest stories about what it’s really like to menstruate in a society that thinks it’s gross. 

All in all, it is charming, and if you want a little taste of what their talks are like, you can follow Bloody Honest Period on Tik Tok and other social media platforms, as well as RSE with Millie. 

That’s On Period! Podcast

Activists and co-founders of The Period Poverty Project based in San Diego, California, Andrea Rix, and Yasi Henderson, open up about menstruation and all of the down and dirty that’s labeled “taboo.” This show is brand new, having aired its first episodes in February 2021, but they have already covered so much ground discussing period myths and their own experiences. 

If you’re looking for something that feels like talking to your close friends, this is the podcast for you. The best part of it being new is that there is so much growth potential, so you can see how their stories, guests, and topics will evolve. 

by Orchyd Team

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