Your Body, Your Data with Orchyd

Your Body, Your Data with Orchyd

Dear Orchyd community,

In response to Roe v. Wade being overturned, we want to take a second to confirm how much you mean to us and how we have and always will continue to place you first. My sister and I purposefully designed the Orchyd app with menstruators in mind, and that includes, at the baseline, private and secure data.

Orchyd App Data Privacy Report

Below are the current measures we have in place for data privacy and security.

  • The Orchyd app is free with zero ads. Not only does this de-clutter your experience and prioritize you, but it also means we do not sell your data to 3rd parties or marketing agencies and never will.
  • Orchyd MD™ is HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA compliant, which guarantees the security and privacy of your health information.
  • Our app offers the option to store data locally, making it so anything you track is safe in case of a data breach or government inquiry.
  • Every partnership and collaboration you see has been vetted for data privacy; this guarantees a secure and reliable support system for all menstruators.


    • Anonymous mode: In July 2022 launched anonymous mode where users can interact with our app without inputting an email address. No one, including our app developers, can see or trace your data without an email address. Due to this, we are unable to comply with government inquiries because there is no trace to your email or account.

    What’s to Come

    Our mission includes researching and implementing new features and finding and setting new standards. Outside of regular developments, we will introduce the below to our already air-tight app.

    • De-identification: This process anonymizes data across all platforms, between our website, where you purchase Orchyd MD™ visits, and our app, where you input cycle data. This guarantees end-to-end anonymity and further secures users against potential government inquiries.

    We understand your concerns because we have felt them ourselves. We will protect your data and privacy because your experience and livelihood matter to us. We will always stand up for the health of all menstruators and your right to privacy.

    In solidarity,

    Courtney & Morgan King

    Last update 8/17/2022

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