How CBD Helps Soothe PMS

If you’re someone who suffers from poor sleep, anxiety, depression, or chronic aches and pains, you may have considered using CBD to help treat your ailments. It has become so widely popularized that it is available in creams, balms, sprays, tinctures, and even edible products that can make it easier to live your daily life. It helps soothe stress and pain naturally rather than resorting to painkillers, mood boosters, or stabilizers.

CBD is an oil derived from the cannabis plant and is isolated to treat ailments without the psychoactive effects. The THC present in the full cannabis plant can cause mind-altering effects that some people don’t enjoy or find interrupt their active lifestyles. CBD offers a soothing or painkilling effect without the mental alteration so, it can be used during the workday or before bed.

The popularity of CBD treatments is due to how ideal they are for everyday usage. People use them in place of traditional medications, which means they can help treat PMS symptoms! But how does it help soothe your PMS?

How CBD Works

CBD is a cannabinoid, but the human body also has its own cannabinoids present within the nervous system and the rest of the body. The cannabinoids in the CBD oil work with the internal cannabinoids to reduce the inflammation or stress that the body is experiencing. They work together to provide a soothing effect to the body and help reduce your pain, help you sleep better, or reduce anxiety symptoms.

CBD is infused into products that can be used topically or taken orally, depending on how you want it administered. For pain, you might have a balm or a lotion that you rub into the skin where you’re sore or experiencing discomfort. If you would rather take your CBD orally for pain, sleep, or anxiety, there are gummies, oils, drinks, and so much more that you can use to reduce your symptoms efficiently and effectively.

How CBD Treats PMS

CBD works similarly to how a painkiller would, but instead of just reducing your inflammation, it can also help with mood-stabilizing. Think of it as a two-in-one treatment that will help target both aspects of PMS rather than only focusing on one. It can help with your cramps while also boosting your mood without any additional treatments or medications needed.

For those of you who suffer from cramps, backaches, leg pain, and even breast soreness, CBD can help soothe those symptoms where standard medicines might fall short. CBD also helps with anxiety and sleep and can alleviate your stress and raise your mood. Another plus, some properties in CBD have also been found to help reduce the inflammation that leads to breakouts. Generally, CBD just makes the whole of your period a little bit easier to bear.

One note, you’ll want to vet the company you’re getting your CBD from so you can be sure the product isn’t faulty. You don’t want to purchase something, hoping it will work only to find it is a dud or gives off a placebo effect. Also, some CBD is harvested from plants with heavy chemicals, like pesticides or hormones used to grow them. But, as long as you do your research, you should be just fine.

Popular CBD PMS Products

From chocolate bars to bath salts, there are so many products available on the market to help soothe your period pain with the help of CBD. There are oil rollers, lotions, and even seltzer waters that claim to relieve your pain in easily administered ways. And of course, nothing is better than taking a little bit of ‘me time’ when you’re moody and cramping. 

So here are some brands you might find helpful for truly gnarly periods.

  • Dazey: This company has been providing a wealth of CBD products to help with pains, sleep troubles, or just a bad case of the Mondays. They have a coconut milk bath soak that helps reduce period cramps and makes for a luxurious evening and sugar scrubs and oils all packed with CBD benefits.
  • De La Beuh: Here, you’ll find bath bombs, lotion bars, steamers, and scrubs all infused with beneficial CBD to help soothe your aches and help you sleep. They have worked hard to make CBD more accessible and easy to administer in ways that provide comfort and relaxation on top of the benefits of the oil.

Your local CBD shops and even online retailers have great selections and products you can test out to find what works best for you.

by Orchyd Team

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