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3-Day Yeast Infection Treatment

3-Day Yeast Infection Treatment

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Clear up your yeast infection with ease using OBGYN-approved suppositories to treat the infection, plus external vulvar cream to relieve itching and irritation.

Includes 3 miconazole suppositories, 3 applicators, and 1 tube of vulvar anti-itch cream.

✔️ Easy to use ✔️ OBGYN approved ✔️ Simple instructions

Relieve the itch & treat yeast infections

Formulated with 3 days of treatment to effectively stop yeast overgrowth without unnecessary discomfort — so you can care for your body in the kindest way. With easy-to-use vaginal suppositories, you can cure most vaginal yeast infections without a trip to the pharmacy.


How Quickly Will The Treatment Work?

You should feel better during the first three days of treatment, and can continue using the itch cream to relieve symptoms for a total of 7 days. If your discomfort persists, speak with your doctor.

Will The Treatment Stain My Underwear?

It's possible, so Stix recommends using a pantyliner or pad during treatment to protect your clothing from stains and to keep you comfortable.

Is This Safe For Pregnant People?

Stix always recommends speaking with your doctor before using internal or topical yeast infection treatments during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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