Balancing Oil


Experience a perfectly balanced topical blend containing 2500 mg natural progesterone (USP), medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), vitamin E, and lemon oil (only in lemon-scented version). Each restorative drop “improovs” your balance and delights your senses.

Unscented Balancing Oil does not contain lemon.

The Science

Balancing oil is formulated using powerful nanoemulsions. When the bottle is shaken to activate, vitamin E traps the progesterone into tiny droplets. When rubbed on the face or skin, it delivers the progesterone deep into the skin layers.

Who This Product Is For

  • Women who are looking to achieve overall balance
  • Women who want a product that contains natural progesterone

  • Natural progesterone: Nature’s secret to glowing skin
  • Vitamin E: An essential vitamin
  • MCT Oil: A hydrating, dryness fighting oil
  • Lemon*: A refreshing scent to brighten your day

*Only in lemon-scented version.

  • If you have a period: Apply after confirming ovulation (about 15 days from the start of your period). Break when your next period starts.
  • If you no longer cycle: Apply for 3 weeks on, then take 1 week off.

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