Confirm PdG Tests


Contrary to popular belief, there's more to getting pregnant than knowing when you're fertile. Meet Proov Confirm: the first and only FDA cleared test to confirm successful ovulation at home. Each pack contains 5 FDA cleared PdG tests.

Studies show elevated PdG levels during the implantation window can increase pregnancy rates up to 75%*. Add Confirm to your favorite fertility tracking method to confirm ovulation, increase your chances of getting pregnant, and reach your fertility goals faster!

What's Included

  • 5 FDA cleared PdG tests to confirm successful ovulation
  • Proov Insight Companion app
  • Proov app card
  • Instructions for use

Who Might Have a Problem with Ovulation

  • Women with PCOS or endometriosis
  • Women over 35
  • Women with a history of early miscarriage
  • Women who are taking ovulation induction medications (Letrozole or Clomid)
  • Women who have been trying to conceive, but without success

When You'll Test

  • Begin by taking 1 Confirm test early in your cycle (please refer to kit instructions for specific details). This is called your baseline and it will be negative — but is still super important!
  • You’ll save your other 4 tests to use during the key implantation window. The implantation window takes place days 7 through 10 after peak fertility, as indicated by an LH test, fertility tracking device, or cervical mucus.

Please refer to kit instructions for specific details.


If PdG tests remain positive (one line) during the implantation window, this is a successful ovulation. Successful ovulation can also be indicated by a high Ovulation Score if you choose to use the Proov Insight app. Negative PdG test results during the implantation window or a low Ovulation Score means you are unable to confirm successful ovulation.

If your results indicate you are ovulating successfully but you still haven’t conceived, Proov recommends checking your partner’s sperm, ensuring you’re timing intercourse correctly, or consulting a doctor. If your results indicate you are not ovulating successfully, Proov recommends consulting your doctor for treatment or learning about ways to naturally support progesterone production.

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