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Gas Relief

Gas Relief

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Fulfilled by our friends at Curist

Let's just say it - we all have gas! This simethicone 250 mg softgel starts working quickly to relieve gas, bloating, pressure & fullness. It's also a higher strength than many common brands, so you can take less to feel better.

Active Ingredient: Simethicone 250 mg, 300 softgels

Stronger Than: Gas-X Extra & Ultra Strengths, Phazyme Ultra Strength

Are you...

Suffering from gas, fullness, uncomfortable stomach pressure, or bloating?

Good For

Immediate gas relief


Uncomfortable fullness

Stomach pressure from gas

Not For

Heartburn. Check out the Heartburn Collection for that.

Discomfort from allergies. Check out the Allergy Collection for those.

Stomach aches, diarrhea, or constipation

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