Gas Relief


Let's just say it - we all have gas! This simethicone 250 mg softgel starts working quickly to relieve gas, bloating, pressure & fullness. It's also a higher strength than many common brands, so you can take less to feel better.

Active Ingredient: Simethicone 250 mg, 300 softgels

Stronger Than: Gas-X Extra & Ultra Strengths, Phazyme Ultra Strength

Are you...

Suffering from gas, fullness, uncomfortable stomach pressure, or bloating?

Good For

  • Immediate gas relief
  • Bloating
  • Uncomfortable fullness
  • Stomach pressure from gas

Not For

  • Heartburn. Check out the Heartburn Collection for that.
  • Discomfort from allergies. Check out the Allergy Collection for those.
  • Stomach aches, diarrhea, or constipation

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