Heart: Kanna Gummies

Heart: Kanna Gummies


Kanna has an incredible scope of human benefits. It is considered a heart opener, it helps with overwhelm or high-load emotional states, as well as focus.

Method of Action:

Sceletium has a complex chemistry with at least 32 known alkaloids (including a number of terpenes and saponins) isolated from the genus to date. The major components of Kanna are four alkaloids that are known to have active properties:

  • Mesembrine
  • Mesembrenone
  • Mesembrenol
  • Tortuosamine

The raw herbs vary in alkaloid percentage, ranging from about 0.4% to about 1.6% of dry material, with an average of around 0.8%. This natural variability has led to the development of standardized extracts. We use only the highest-quality extracts. Our gummies are made in the USA, in North Carolina, in a GMP facility.

Please do not use Kanna botanical wellness without prior physician approval if you are taking any psychiatric medications, have any liver or cardiac condition, or are pregnant or nursing.

Organic Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Pectin, Natural Flavors, Sceletium Tortuosum Extract, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Valerian Root Extract, Vegetable Juice (Color), Carnauba Wax, Trisodium Citrate. (Vegan)

Take one gummy (25mg) as the first dose, and observe feelings of well-being, which usually arise within 30 minutes. If you want to experiment with 50 or 75 mg per serving, try that on the next use. No more than 100mg of MZ0 extract (four gummies) per day is recommended. Take as needed, or use a standard 5-day on / 2-day off protocol.

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