Holy Hydration Bundle

$146 $126

Wetter is better, however you get there.

Soothe your summer skin with this mindfully curated, moisture maximizing - value set that includes Momotaro Apotheca's best-selling Tonic, luxurious Body Oil, and energizing Hydrosol. All to synergistically itching and irritation from dry weather and scaly skin.

What’s Inside the Bag

  • Best Selling Tonic
  • Filler Free Body Oil
  • Refreshing Hydrosol

Step 1: Hydrate skin. Mist the antioxidant-rich Hydrosol all over to hydrate, and prepare the skin for maximum absorption.

Step 2: Address Problem Areas. Dab the tonic on any areas as a spot treatment for blemishes, ingrown hairs, or applied as a pre, during, and post shave oil.

Step 3: Seal it in. While skin is still damp, massage a generous amount of Body Oil in broad upward strokes to seal in mineral rich moisture for a nourishing glow.

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