Lidocaine Numbing Cream


The Curist lidocaine cream 5% was developed to be stronger than other leading brands, like Aspercreme Lidocaine 4%, with the strongest lidocaine formulation available without a doctor's prescription.

Active Ingredient: Lidocaine cream 5%, 6 oz (170 g)

Stronger Than: Aspercreme with Lidocaine 4%

Are you...

Looking for a numbing cream with lidocaine cream?

*with globally sourced ingredients

Good For

  • Numbing relief
  • Relief from hemorrhoids and other anorectal issues
  • Pain, itching, and burning relief

Not For

  • Do not ingest (external use only)
  • Itchiness or discomfort from allergies. Check out the Curist Allergy Collection for those.

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