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Pure Rosy

Period Underwear Cheeky Bikini

Period Underwear Cheeky Bikini

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Fulfilled by our friends at Pure Rosy

Leakproof Cheeky Hip Bikini

Let's get cheeky! The Pure Rosy string bikini with striped elastic waistband and high-cut legs is almost cute enough to wear out for a day at the beach. A bit more coverage than your favorite thong and is slightly smaller overall in fit than the classic Pure Rosy styles but delivers on both style and function. Invisible protection made of the newest absorbency of 6 ultra-thin leakproof technology keeps you dry, comfortable, and protected all day long, even on your heavy flow days. Pure Rosy recommends sizing up if you prefer your panties to have a more cozy fit or are between sizes. Our elastic will feel snug at first but will relax over time.

Pure Rosy's newest exclusive technology absorbs up to 3 regular tampons.

Cheyenne wears color Shade in Size S



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