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Predict LH Tests

Predict LH Tests

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Fulfilled by our friends at Proov

Find Your 2 Most Fertile Days

When it comes to getting pregnant, timing can play a big role. Whether you’re timing intercourse or insemination, Proov Predict identifies your 2 most fertile days so you can do so with confidence. Plus, the free Proov Insight companion app makes it easier than ever to know when to test, interpret results, and help you plan the best next steps to help you get pregnant faster.

Due to the holidays, we are experiencing longer than usual processing times. Orders will take an additional 1-2 business days to process, and may experience additional delays in standard shipping.

What's Included

  • 15 LH tests to predict ovulation
  • Proov Insight Companion app
  • Proov app card
  • Instructions for use

When You'll Test

You’ll start tracking your peak fertility with Predict tests about 18 days before your next expected period. Proov defines “peak fertility” as the first positive LH test, not the “most positive” like some other brands. Once you get your first positive test, you can stop testing.

Please refer to kit instructions for specific details.

The Science

  • Proov Predict measures luteinizing hormone, or LH for short. A positive LH test suggests you have entered your 2 most fertile days — when intercourse or insemination are most likely to result in conception.
  • Hot tip: trying a day or two before your expected positive LH test can maximize chances of hitting your fertile window!

The Results

  • If the LH tests show the test line as dark or darker than the control, it is positive. Remember, Proov defines “peak fertility” as the first positive LH test, not the “most positive” like some other brands. This is because studies show that most women ovulate after the first positive LH test, not the highest LH value.
  • If you see a positive Predict test result, it’s a great time to have intercourse or inseminate.

Who This Test Is For

  • Women who have been trying to conceive, but without success
  • Women who do not have another ovulation or fertility tracking method
  • Women who want to more accurately predict their fertile window alongside their period tracking app
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