Sperm Test


1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility and 50% of the time a male issue contributes. With the FDA cleared Proov + Yo Sperm Test, you can check on his swimmers and get pregnant faster. Unlike other sperm tests that only measure sperm count, the Proov + Yo test measures both his sperm motility and sperm count, to ensure his swimmers can get to where they need to go – your egg! Each male fertility test kit comes with 2 at-home sperm tests and the free Yo app.

Not for post vasectomy testing.

What's Included

  • YO Wifi device
  • 2 collection cups
  • 2 YO slides, pipets, and liquefaction vials
  • Instructions for use

The Science

  • The Proov + YO Sperm test looks at Motile Sperm Concentration (or MSC for short).
  • MSC is a measurement of the number of moving sperm per mL of semen. Since more motile sperm mean a higher chance of reaching an egg, this is the best screening tool for sperm.

Who This Test Is For

  • Couples who want to ensure sperm are present and active
  • Couples who have been trying for a few months without success

When You'll Test

He can test whenever he’s ready! However, it’s best not to have intercourse or ejaculate 2-5 days before testing so Proov recommends targeting testing accordingly.


  • You’ll receive a YO score and a video of your sample, which can be shared with a doctor if you choose. A low result (MSC < 6M/ml or a YO score of < 40) indicates a lower than average motile sperm concentration
  • Remember, it only takes 1 sperm to fertilize an egg, so it’s still possible to get pregnant even with a low score.
  • If you have a low score, the YO app will provide fertility improvement tools, otherwise Proov always recommends talking to your doctor about possible treatment.

Note: Not for post vasectomy testing.

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