Ultra Thin Vegan Condoms

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Sustain Natural presents an ultra-thin condom that's even thinner than average at an amazing 0.055mm thickness and a classic shape made from natural soft latex.

Sustain Ultra Thin condoms are sustainably sourced, fairtrade, and vegan certified, ensuring you are doing all you can for the environment while protecting yourself.

What makes a Sustain condom vegan? Many condoms contain "casein," which is a dairy product commonly used within the latex blend. Sustain, however, does not use casein within its condoms, which makes it a truly vegan condom.

Sustain Natural eco-friendly condoms are the perfect alternative to make sure you are guilt-free, full of sensation, and protected on your next nighttime adventure.

These condoms are made of latex and boast a lubricated latex condom with a reservoir safety tip essential for your protection.

Average size. Width: 52mm. Standard straight wall shape. Latex. Lubricated. Reservoir tip.

Fulfilled by our friends at Condomania.com

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