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The Bird&Be Starter Pack

The Bird&Be Starter Pack

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Fulfilled by our friends at Bird&Be

Everything you need to learn more about your fertility.

Bird&Be knows that starting on your path to pregnancy can be full of questions, which is why they created the Starter Pack. It includes everything you need to learn more about your fertility, so you can save time and confidently seek out the help you may need along the way.

The Starter Pack includes:

  • 1x At-Home Sperm Test (includes 2 tests)
  • 1x Ovulation Tests (includes 9 tests)
  • 1x Early Results Pregnancy Tests (includes 4 tests)
  • 1x Collection Cup

How accurate are the tests?

Bird&Be's lab quality tests are ultra-sensitive. That means you can get answers sooner and more reliably!

Early Response Pregnancy Test: Detect pregnancy up to five days before your expected period at over 99% accuracy—that’s max sensitivity for at-home tests. Plus, Bird&Be save you some squinting with their quality conjugate (the color-changing dye molecules that interact with the hCG in your urine) so you get clear results.

Ovulation Test: Over 99.9% accurate, Bird&Be Ovulation Tests detect LH, which surges right before you ovulate. This helps you know when to get busy if you’re trying to conceive (or when to call your doc if you need support). Ready to take an ovulation test? Bird&Be's ovulation guide includes step-by-step instructions and a results decoder so you know when to take the test and when to reach out to a doctor once you get your results.

At-Home Sperm Test: Bird&Be's non-invasive At-Home Sperm Test was developed in collaboration with YoSperm and Medical Electronic System and is over 97% accurate. It can flag low motile sperm concentration and quality—so, if needed, you can help sooner.

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