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Relax, Renew, & Stay Cool

Relax, Renew, & Stay Cool

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The ultimate bundle for stress, sleep, and hot-flash support. 

We are offering lights out, calm + clarity, and moon-a-pause in a 3 x 2 limited time offer.

What is not to love? Our moon-a-pause tincture fights hot flashes and dryness while our best-selling sleep-aid, lights out, ensures a good night's rest. Plus, our Calm + Clarity drops provide natural relief from stress and anxiety.

The trifecta of support.

Whether you are dealing with hotflashes, trouble sleeping or stress, this bundle is here to help.


ah! calm + clarity

Take daily in the AM or afternoon for moments to chill, focus, and thrive. This is your new favorite clean yet clinical approach to managing daily distractions with organically-grown botanicals that help maintain normal emotional balance Get ready to stay on top of your game while maintaining a cool and calm interior. Our strongest formula. 

zzz! lights out

Its name says it all — Reach new heights with deeper and better-quality sleep. This tincture is crafted to ease your body back into its ideal circadian rhythm. Featuring eight potent sleep-inducing botanicals, this blend supports a smooth transition from the drama of your day into a serene, uninterrupted sleep.


This tincture embraces change and transition. Designed specifically for easing the changes experienced by pre-menopausal and menopausal bodies, this formula features seven science-backed active botanicals that support the body’s natural processes of cooling and moistening to combat hot flashes and dryness. These organically-grown herbs also support libidinal health.


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